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Staying at home throughout the pandemic spurred many of us to concentrate on personal fitness, such as investing in home exercise gears, fitness monthly subscriptions and online classes. Fortunately, there's a ton of fitness buffs can do at home to stay in tip-top shape. However, muscle recovery is one area that may be lacking for a lot of individuals.



Accomplishing true workout recovery needs a blend of nutrition and physical treatment, but you can also get the advantage of high-tech recovery equipment meant to reduce muscle soreness (including the hard-to-resist CBD-infused activewear). One class of these tools has technology on its side: the percussion massage gun.

Massage guns work with the force of percussive therapy to adjust your body's soft tissue. They're backed by the same extensive scientific analysis that helps massage therapy as the ideal tool for sore muscle tissue after a workout. Everyone from professional athletes and recreational gym-goers to individuals with chronic soreness loves these effective massagers for numerous reasons. 

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Percussive therapy is stated to support muscles recovery quicker while decreasing muscle pain, muscle exhaustion and lactic acid build-up. A percussion gun will allow you to target a certain muscle group for instant pain relief. They can additionally enhance your range of motion and flexibility, motivate blood flow, assist with muscle tissue stiffness and more. Percussive therapy might even help with stress and sleep. Furthermore, not that you ought to invest in one for this particular reason alone, but the slow-mo videos of massage guns striking muscles look insanely Insta-worthy. Just be cautious with using one if you possess any injuries beyond a muscle ache from a difficult workout.

How to Recognize a High-Quality Percussion Massage Gun

High-Quality Percussion Massage Gun


There are all types of options on the market, such as low-quality massagers attempting to copy the bigger name brands massage guns. I’ve tried out a lot and have now learned what to look out for when selecting a good massage gun. Here is what you must look for to discover an excellent percussion massage gun to make sure your investment is worthwhile.


Massage guns usually come in a traditional ‘axe’ shape however they are beginning to show up in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Search for one that comes with a comfortable-to-hold design and style that also can hit the hard-to-reach areas of your body.

Long-Handle Percussion Massagers

This particular point is again connected to design but should get its small section. For the reason of simplicity, I just like to divide ‘percussion massagers’ into two groups according to their design. The very first is percussion massage guns and the next is percussion massagers with lengthy handles. While they both provide percussion massage therapy, the major difference is which a percussion massage gun sets more power right behind it and is the much more powerful massager. It’s created ergonomically to imitate a heat gun, a staple gun or power tool, so you may target a particular point accurately.

The other kind of percussion massagers are much more wand- or stick-like which means that the long-handled percussion massager can create it easier to get to your back muscles, whereas a percussion massage gun might not possess as much reach. On the other hand, the smaller grip on a percussion massage gun can make it easier to control. If you think a regular percussion massager with a long handle is more for you, check out my post on the best handheld percussion massagers.

Battery Life

The battery is important when it comes to percussion massage guns, simply because they’re wireless. An effective massage is dependent on a strong, long-lasting battery that can power the electric motor and sustain operation as long as you want for a massage session. The final thing you need is to completely charge up your battery only for it to die 10 minutes into your session leaving you waiting around for it to charge up once again.

Generally, there are two ways out of this. Get a massage gun that can easily deliver lengthy sessions without requiring a recharge. Or search for massage guns that are available with interchangeable batteries, so you easily switch over to a completely charged one if you run out of charge. Also, the greatest massage guns will charge a depleted battery easily.

Speed and Power

Speed and power specify the intensity of massage therapy a percussion gun offers, so it’s essential to have an electric motor with greater wattage and more torque. If you select a massage gun without having a lot of power you may expand out of it quickly as you get used to it. You might then require to buy a more effective massager to get a much deeper release in your muscles. On the other hand, choosing one that is too strong will be useless for you if it’s too painful to use. Selecting a massage gun with the correct power for you is vital.

Head Attachments and Options for Customization

Percussion massage guns that provide you more choices, such as variable speed settings, rotational angles, can offer you more value.
But the greatest factor to look out for is the variants and quality of the attachment heads. For several areas of your body, you actually will need various-shaped head attachments. For bony places, you will need a soft head attachment. Heavier and larger muscles may need something with a smaller sized surface area etc. The greatest massage guns must come with a good number of variations of head attachments. Not only that but various densities and shapes. That’s simply because they reach and focus on more areas of your body, as you can personalize the intensity and size of the percussion head to fulfil the demands of different muscles.

Noise Level

The noise stage of a massage tool is a make-or-break for several. Since massage guns are created to deliver a lot of energy they are notoriously noisy. If it troubles you or other people in your home to use a massager on your own body that’s as loud as a power tool or blender, search for one that is designed to be quiet. Even so, quieter percussion massage guns do tend to be much more expensive and deliver less power, so it’s a trade-off.

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