Neck and Shoulder Massager Gun

Neck and Shoulder Massager Gun in AustraliaNeck and Shoulder Massager Gun

Neck pain can be the effect of a nerve issue, a structural problem, or a muscle problem. Neck pain that comes from a nerve problem can be linked to a pinched nerve inside the neck or a nerve that's irritated in the neck, Structural problems in the neck can include pain that comes from fractures, or processes that include bone function (like tumors or infections), and also neck pain that can come from having abnormal curvature in the neck or arthritis affecting the joints of the neck.

The last of the three is muscle pain — and is the most common cause of neck pain since it can result from tension. "Muscle pain can be attributed to where you hold tension. Plus, pain can come from fatigued neck muscles from looking up or down too long, Muscle pain can also come from the shoulders, as the muscles that control the shoulder and that stabilize the neck overlap.

While there's a wide variety of people who experience pain, Doctors find that new pain is most common in people ages 30 to 50. "Their activity level variations and the number of causes of pain raise with the start of an overuse injury, increasing amounts of wear and tear, arthritis, and overall increases in stress.


Neck and Shoulder Massager Gun in Australia



Is massage an effective solution for Neck Pain?

The sternocleidomastoid muscle’s primary function is to rotate the head. The trapezius muscle, at the same time, works with adjacent muscles in increasing the head and shoulders. When overexerted, these muscles become inflamed and you’ll feel a dull, tight, and achy pain. Sometimes, it can even result in headaches originating from the base of the skull.

 Neck and shoulder massager can be effective but certainly, use caution. In general, neck massagers work to raise the blood flow to the neck muscles and also work to enhance the stimulation of the neck muscles, with these as the main goals of neck massagers, many people experience temporary improvement of their neck pain symptoms with neck massagers.

 Some of the pulsing massagers can act as irritants — so be careful, especially if you have joint disease. A good rule of thumb is to see how you react to neck massagers for a short time (say, 5-10 seconds) before growing the amount of time the neck massager is used. If using a neck and shoulder massager raises your pain, you should stop. Also, note that not all neck pains are identical. What works once may not work eventually, so be aware of your body's response to the treatment, as the pain could be a sign of something various. (You can also try ice, gentle stretching, and these upper back-pain exercises to ease tension.)

If you're suffering from neck pain for the first time, you may be thinking when it's time to throw in the towel and call a doctor. For one, it's never a bad thought to seek a doctor's expertise when it comes to neck pain. (After all, it's not an area of your body you need to mess around with.) .Pay attention to where the pain arises, is it isolated to the neck or does it go elsewhere? If it's beginning to move to the shoulder blade, arm, fingertips, or head, it's time to see a medical professional. Even so, if the pain is isolated to the neck, you call your doctor if the pain is rising you up at night or if it lasts for more than two weeks.


Six advantages of using Neck & Shoulder Massager gun

  • Releasing lactic acid: 

When oxygen levels in the body are reduced, lactic acid builds up in the bloodstream and the body can have trouble burning it off which can lead to cramps in your muscles. By using a massage gun, you can assist the body to release lactic acid and other toxins.

  • Vibrational healing:

Phoenix A2 neck and shoulder massager gun is capable to provide deep vibrations in your muscles using a percussive therapy method that assists to improve circulation in your body, and therefore allows more oxygen and nutrients into your muscles. This can be the main assist to alleviate pain and recover faster, and I found that through vibrational healing, my body was capable to recover from workouts much quicker.

  • Injury prevention: 

Many sports injuries are caused by muscle cramps and the lack of adequate recovery before straining the muscle ag, ain, and by using a massage gun to improve your blood and oxygen circulation, the possibility of overtraining and wearing out a muscle too fast is decreased.

  • Rehabilitation: 

If you do have an injury, the Phoenix A2 Neck massager gun can assist you to speed up your recovery and make you heal faster by improving circulation. Of course, our neck and shoulder massager gun should not be the only or even the major treatment you use to recover, but it can definitely offer significant assistance.

  • Assists to counter muscle spasms:

 By applying pressure to your muscles after a workout, your muscles become more relaxed and are less likely to spasm or become stiff.

  • Improve range of motion:

 After using massage guns, you’ll find that your joints are more flexible and have better blood circulation, thereby increasing your range of motion.

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