What is Phoenix Gun?

What is Phoenix Gun? | The Best Massage Gun in Australia in 2021

Now a lot more than ever, it's vital that men and women have access to secure, effective, high-quality health care solutions. We dreamed of a world where entire body wellness was achievable, effective, and natural—without having a laundry list of side effects. We think that you can easily feel better naturally, without unsafe toxins and chemicals.

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We would like to provide people with the capability to help themselves feel better naturally. Phoenix Percussive Therapy’s achievement and the genuine impact it had on a lot of people's lives helped us realize that there's significantly more work to be carried out in the natural wellness space. There is a need for wellness alternatives that are both natural and effective. So, to fulfil that need, which usually is bigger than percussive therapy, we've developed the Phoenix Gun. As a tech health care company, we'll keep on using cutting-edge technology and research to provide scientifically validated organic products and services that you can trust. 

Treat your muscles right.

It will be a cutting edge part of your recovery routine. Portable, lightweight and powerful, the Phoenix gun is one of the most recent inventions developed for the muscle healing process and since its introduction in 2018, it has to turn out to be the favored device of many athletes all around the world who are searching to take care of their muscle therapy and recovery process.

It is broadly identified that the Phoenix percussion massage gun provides the same outcomes as a deep tissue massage. The benefit of this is that, by following your timetable, you can get all the benefits in your most hassle-free time within minutes.

No matter if you're in sports or just a physical exercise enthusiast, it can make it easier to handle your well-being and healthy lifestyle. 

Get the benefits of percussion therapy.

Phoenix Percussive Therapy

Percussion therapy increases and improves the repair of the muscle fibre by offering rapid bursts of pressure in focused, short-duration pulses deeply into the tissues of the body. The pressure is used on dozens of occasions per second, creating a vibrating feeling when you use it.

Percussion therapy enhances the circulation of the bloodstream and lymph around the body, which can make the muscles get more oxygen and nutrients. These outcomes in rapid recovery, enhanced motion range, relief of pain, and comfort of muscle tiredness and soreness.

Including soothing the muscles and alleviating discomfort, there are numerous other health benefits of massage guns. It needs increased mobility, much better sleep, and enhanced immunity. It also deals with depressive disorders and anxiety, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, and insomnia associated with tension. 

Phoenix A2 Massage Gun

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What are the advantages of Phoenix Gun?

Every day we’re finding more benefits associated with Phoenix Percussive Therapy. Phoenix A2 team works tirelessly to produce and evolve new methods that have tangible advantages in people’s lives. Some of the most common benefits include:

  • Reduces muscle pain & stiffness
  • Speedier warmup & recovery
  • Raises blood flow
  • Reduces lactic acid
  • Enhances range of motion
  • Hydrates tissue
  • Increases stretching ability

What’s the difference between percussive therapy and vibration therapy?

The main big difference between percussive therapy and vibration therapy is that percussive therapy gets deeper into the muscle, 60% deeper. Whilst vibration therapy senses good on the surface area of the entire body, it’s a “global” experience as compared to a targeted one. Percussive therapy focuses on treatment areas by getting deep enough into the muscle to boost the amount of blood flow and oxygen required for successful treatment and recovery. Additionally, because Phoenix Gun contact the body and come off of it 40 times per second, the mind does not accommodate the stimulation, creating the therapy more effective. 

What is percussive therapy?

Phoenix produced percussive treatment to improve blood flow and reduce tension deep inside the muscle, applying a scientifically-calibrated mixture of speed and depth to deal with your muscles easily by overriding the pain signals directed to the brain. Phoenix Percussive Therapy functions because each Phoenix Gun offers a unique blend of these three things: Amplitude (depth) Our 16 mm amplitude enables our Phoenix guns to deal deep within the muscle to launch tension. Frequency (speed) Our 3'500 percussion per minute speed permits our Phoenix Gun to override the discomfort signals to your brain, creating the treatment practical experience more comfortable than manual muscle therapy. Phoenix Gun can endure up to an extra 60 pounds of applied pressure without having stalled. So you can most efficiently treat the areas that need it.

How to use the Phoenix A2 percussion massage gun? 

Charge the Phoenix gun once it reaches its destination until the battery power indicator lights on the backside of the device show it to be indicated with green lights. You can easily also use the charging plug light (red or green) to reveal whether or not the massage gun is fully charged. Constantly charge the Phoenix A2 with the device turned "off" using the on/off switch positioned on the bottom of the handle/battery.

  1. Switch on the Phoenix A2 by pressing the power button after doing your therapy. Simply press and pull head accessories to insert or remove.
  2. Push the speed button to toggle among the 3 levels of intensity. Pressing the power button once will change the massage gun to level 1. Pressing twice will toggle to level 2, and pressing 3 times will toggle to level 3.
  3. For muscle tissue activation, recuperation, and pain relief, basically float the Phoenix A2 on muscle tissue that needs the most attention, it was developed to do all the work for you. Slowly apply pressure as needed.

Phoenix A2 Massage Gun

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What precautions must I be informed of before use?

Make sure you, do not use the Phoenix gun, or any other vibration device without having authorization from your doctor, specialist or physiotherapist, especially if you are expecting a baby, have diabetes with problems (such as neuropathy or retinal damage), put on a pacemaker, have experienced recent surgery, experience from epilepsy or migraines, herniated disks, spondylolisthesis, spondylosis, or spondylosis, have had recently combined replacements or IUD’S, metal pins or plates, or you possess any general issues about your actual physical health. Frail individuals and kids should be followed by an adult when using any Phoenix guns.

How frequently should I use Phoenix gun?

You could use Phoenix gun every day if you would like, but it’s almost certainly not necessary. You need your muscles to be able to restore, so you would not use a massager after each exercise or before each workout unless of course, you were continuously in muscle pain. If you feel that your therapeutic massage is causing more soreness or you experience more discomfort from using massage guns, then you must call your doctor right away and see what you can certainly do about your muscle tension through warm wraps and standard massage. Most of the time, phoenix guns are intended to assist with rehabilitation by breaking up scar tissue. 

How long should I use Phoenix gun?

Based on the ideal result, we suggest using Phoenix gun for a minimum of 10 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes per muscle group.

A full-body treatment should not exceed 15 minutes. Treat yourself 2-3 times per day. 

Are Phoenix guns worth it?

Apart from the benefits of soreness relieve the extra advantages that come with percussion massage guns are they can be a money and time saver. Consider how much regular massages cost when offered by massage professionals. Then right now there is the hassle of trying to get a scheduled appointment when you need it the most. Then now there is the time factor of obtaining to set aside time to go to an appointment. Massage guns get rid of both of these problems. 

Who can use Phoenix Guns?

Percussion massage is not only for athletes or all those who are following an exercise routine. Phoenix guns can be used by: 

-Those who also have acquired some type of soft tissue injury

-People who experience pains and pains that are job or activity-related

-It is excellent for assisting the muscles to rest that are stiff and tense from stress

-It can frequently help those who endure chronic pain conditions

Can phoenix A2 guns help with cellulite?

Yes, they do. Physical exercise and massage can help decrease the signs of cellulite on your legs. A mixture of particular leg exercises and the use of a percussion massager will accelerate up the reduction in unpleasant cellulite. By working out the leg muscles and toning up the muscles below lumpy areas can create your skin look more even.

Can I take a trip with Phoenix A2 Massage Guns?

All Phoenix tech is TSA accepted as carry-on. Even so, lithium-ion batteries are disallowed in checked bags. There are no guidelines about packing battery chargers. You can contain them in both your have-on or your checked baggage.

 Phoenix gun is a unique collection created and designed for top-notch athletes, sports lovers or anybody else seeking a healthier lifestyle. This innovative sports accessory is also really popular and valued by physiotherapists and chiropractors. The Phoenix A2 massage gun is perfect for those who would like to massage the whole body and muscles, boost recovery and training, and energize sports performance.

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